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The web design packages go by pages. I have lots of graphics depending on your theme. Or if you have some specific graphics and/or pictures that you'd like on your website, you can email them to me and I'll use them. I can enhance photographs that you send me, but the picture/s you send must be large, good quality pictures. If I do not have any graphics or pictures pertaining to the theme you choose, I will let you know before you purchase any packages, or refund your money if already paid.


Each Website Design Package includes :
  • Personalized background
  • Pictures (whatever you email me)
  • Graphics (from my library, or whatever you email me)
  • Contact Information
  • Page Visitor Counter 
  • Time Stamp
  • Customization/s

There are more personalized options with the availability of pages - depending on what package you choose.


BEFORE PURCHASING - Please click on the icon (directly above) and complete and submit the form. Once I review the completed form, I will email you and let you know if I am able to create your website. If accepted, I will create an example with your theme and allow you to preview it. If you like the example page and want me to continue with your webpage, then you can choose which package you prefer, and make your Paypal payment. Once payment is received/cleared, I will begin working on your website. You will have the opportunity to send me your photographs, etc. that you'd like to have added to the website.


3 Page Design

5 Page Design

7 Page Design

9 Page Design


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