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Please complete and submit this form first. Once you're accepted, you can complete the next form and so on. (each form is for information for your website)

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This form is optional. I can list your litter/s available on your website, and add pictures, pedigree info., etc. Then once I've completed your website, and the payment was received by me in full, I will give you the member name and password to get into your tripod account. From there I would give you instructions on how to delete and add your puppy  pictures as you have new litters, or sell old ones, etc.. OR if this seems to difficult, you can contact me each time you need to add new ones, delete old ones and I'll charge you a $5.00 fee for each page that needs changes made. Otherwise, you can simply use your website as a source of information for your customers, and not list litters available, simply let people now you have some available, and they can view the sire/dam, etc. alone. Choice is yours . . .
  • Make your own modifications
  • I make modifications for you for a small fee
  • We do not list litters at all, just all other info.

So, if you want your litter/s listed, THEN complete this form.

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microchipped ?yes
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This form is ONLY for dog breeders. If you're not interested in a web site for your dogs, then don't fill this form out. 

What Breed
# of Studs/Sires
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# of Dams
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Her Nickname
Registered Name of Dam 2
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Her Nickname 3
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